Let’s be honest ... Your events aren’t going to plan themselves!
Discover the exact roadmap I used to effortlessly plan events from my kitchen table. 
If you’ve ever wanted the experience of planning events that you love…
even if you’ve never planned an event before…

This is the SIMPLEST way for ANYBODY (even with no experience) to get started planning events and make money. And with this PROVEN system, you can get started with just a computer!

Dear Event Planner,
Hi, my name is Melanie Woodward. When I began my event-planning career I was probably a lot like you. I was planning all kinds of events for free like promotional and client appreciation events for my boss’ company, dinner and birthday parties for friends and family, and golf tournaments as a volunteer for charities. 

But I wasn’t getting paid for them and I wanted to make money for using my talents.

I had thought about starting my own business but I was clueless and fumbling with how to get started.
I was looking for a way to get started, plan my own events but not spend a fortune.  
Although I loved what I was doing, event planning wasn’t paying the bills and something had to give… 

In 2004 I decided to take a chance and start my very own event planning business. 

I wanted complete freedom from the 9 to 5 grind, and I wanted complete control of my own success. 
Maybe you’ve looked at
event planning schools before?
Knowing what I know now, I hate to admit it but I considered spending 2 years and nearly $4000 in tuition to get my dream job. Then I found out it wouldn’t help me in the industry. I was crushed and unsure what to do next.
It took me time, a lot of money and trial and error to figure out how to plan events the right way.
One of the first events I planned involved working with a few TV celebrities and an International TV channel. Wow, was I excited!

However, I was so overwhelmed that I failed to plan or charge properly. I ended up LOSING MONEY!

I lost my confidence, my hope, and I doubted my ability to even be an event planner.

I questioned my dream and whether or not this was even possible for me. I remember sitting at my kitchen table, coffee in hand, staring at my computer like it was going to get the clients for me AND make me money AND give me all the answers.

The turning point came when a close friend looked me in the eyes and said:

“Melanie, you have two choices… All successful event planners use systems. You need to either figure out a system to budget and plan your events correctly so you never lose money, or… you should just quit and go back to your day job!”
Hearing this from my friend was a real wake up call for me. I knew she was right. 

So I decided to persevere and figure out what I was doing wrong.
That’s when I developed The Event Toolkit…
The Event Toolkit has allowed me to work with internationally recognized brands, celebrities and professional athletes, AND be profitable.

It’s a PROVEN System that shares industry secrets that TOP event planners use, but aren’t willing to share because they’re either too busy or they don’t want anyone using these secrets to compete against them.

Within a week of putting The Event Toolkit into place I landed my biggest client and my friends and family noticed I was happier and more fulfilled.
Here's what a few people have to say about
The Event Toolkit...

"Worth every penny! I encourage all event planners to invest in themselves and buy The Event Toolkit. You will not be disappointed. "

-Latricia Bradley

"Thanks for sharing your knowledge, thoughts, 
wisdom, and for being so real and fun!"
-Marichelle Carle

"After five minutes of reading Event Planning Blueprint’s blog, I knew I’d struck gold! Not only does it share great event ideas and timesaving tips, but also The Event Toolkit has EXTREMELY helpful worksheets to make event planning easier - all the way from idea to completion. I highly recommend The Event Toolkit for anyone who wants his or her event to be absolutely unforgettable. "

What’s important is that even though I had a line up of people asking me to plan their events, I also had people asking my business advice too.

So I decided to share The Event Toolkit because this same formula can be used by ANYONE.

I give people my event planning checklist that doesn’t overlook any detail, the event planning budget so you and your clients always know the bottom line (your clients will appreciate this!), industry tips and tricks, an event planning pricing strategy, and 31 places to advertise your events or business.
The Event Toolkit can be used on any kind of event...
  • Corporate 
  • Fundraisers
  • Company Parties
  • Weddings
  • Bar & Bat Mitzvahs 
  • Seminars or Workshops
  • …and so many other types of events!
Whether you’re brand new to event planning or a seasoned pro looking to sharpen your sword and build a system of successful events each and every time.

I’m going to take you behind the scenes and show you how award winning event planners plan events of ANY size – and how you can too. 

Allowing you to love the work you do, be profitable and get the clients YOU want to work with!

Are You Struggling With Getting Started In Event Planning Or Not Making Any Money Off The Events You Plan?

I don’t care how much or how little experience you have or don’t have, The Event Toolkit will not only show you ways to get started…it will show you how to be profitable too.

This is NEWBIE friendly and you can apply this WITHOUT: 
  • Any event planning experience
  • Any event clients
  • Any money
  • Any event planning education
  • Any business experience
The Event Toolkit contains ALL the tools you’ll need
to get started planning events TODAY.
Here’s What You’ll Know Once You Have Taken Action Today: 
  • Discover how to turn ANY event into a profitable one. 
  • How I built my event business WITHOUT having any formal training and with no experience. 
  • Learn industry SECRETS that event professionals won’t share with you. 
  • How to attract new clients. 
  • How to avoid the BIGGEST time wasters that will prevent you from getting started. 
  • Learn 31 different places to advertise your events or business TODAY. 
  • Learn how to set up a professional event planning budget and event checklist that you can use over and over again. 
  • Ways to get event planning experience that won’t cost you anything.
  • A step-by-step process that shows you how to charge for your event services. 
  • A complete system to find the event sponsors you need for your events and how to build long-term relationships with them.
  • And Much More...
I don’t care where you’re at right now…

Whether you’re a complete newbie with NO experience or a seasoned pro with established clients. 

You can finally be a profitable event planner that makes money, and use your skills to create a high demand career that brings you so much satisfaction. 

The Event Toolkit has been PROVEN to work time and time again…it’s how I ran events with budgets from a few hundred dollars to multi-million dollar events. 

The ONLY people who have been privy to this information UNTIL NOW, are event planners that have spent years learning and working in the event industry. 

You can start planning events from exactly where you are right now…

I know I could easily charge $299 for The Event Toolkit, like I’d originally planned and loads of you would probably still buy it. 

But then I thought about WHY I wanted to do this in the first place...

I want to make sure EVERYONE has the opportunity to know this stuff without having to spend years working your way up the ladder or spend thousands on expensive programs that only teach you theory and that don’t teach you industry secrets. My greatest desire is to help you succeed. 

I LOVE changing people’s lives and this may sound crazy, but I can tell you now, when I get an email from someone who has bought The Event Toolkit who now makes a profit from their events – THAT gives me more joy than if I make money MYSELF. That’s the TRUTH! 

To make this accessible to everyone who is SERIOUS about getting started in event planning, I’ve made The Event Toolkit available today for just $97!
The Event Toolkit will work for you.
I don’t say this lightly, but this is the BEST and FASTEST way to shortcut your education and get on the fast track to event planning success right away.

Until now, only event professionals who have lots of experience and education have been privy to this information.

So you’re probably wondering why I’m practically GIVING it away, right?

Maybe you’re thinking that it’s old and outdated? Nope…

In fact, I recently received this message from someone just like you…

"The Event Planning Blueprint has helped me tremendously in many ways. The blueprint, or the event planner's bible as I like to call it, has so much information on everything you need to know to plan and throw an event. It has helped me streamline, simplify and organize my planning process by providing me with the templates and checklists that I needed. The work back checklist and financial template have been lifesavers! The blueprint also provides creative ideas to make any event extraordinary and memorable. I love the Event Planning Blueprint! If you are interested in an event planning career but have no clue where to start or if you are already an event planner but sometimes find yourself overwhelmed by the process, The Event Planning Blueprint is perfect for you!"

–Brittany Lofton
Here’s a snapshot of what you’ll get with this program:
The Event Checklist 

This isn’t any ordinary checklist. This is the mack daddy of all ‘to do lists’ that master event planners use. It allows you to visualize your entire event starting with the end goal, and working backwards on your schedule until you arrive at your event. It’s an industry must have.
Event Budget
Even if you’re a seasoned event planner, this very detailed, easy to use budget will save you time and money, and let you know the bottom line so when your client asks, you know the answer. This is a crucial piece of the planning process and like no other budget you’ll find anywhere else. Your clients will be so impressed! BONUS it includes currency exchange!
Sponsorship Toolkit

Producing a professional event is all about relationships and having the right sponsors. This easy to use system gives you everything from introductory cover letters to send potential sponsors, proposal templates and tips on how to build long-term relationships with your sponsors throughout the entire event.
The Event Toolkit System

Broken down into an EASY step-by-step system including a copy of our How To Get Started eBook.
Amazing BONUS #1
"31 Places To Advertise Your Events"

Struggling to find ways to attract clients? 

Get this easy to follow checklist that takes all the guesswork out of where to advertise.
Amazing BONUS #2
Pricing Strategy

Learn how to properly charge for your event services and what factors to consider before you set your price.
Even though I know the power of The Event Toolkit and I genuinely feel I’ve created the best package EVER – especially for LESS THAN $100! 

I understand you MAY still be a little skeptical…so let me make you a promise…
Are you truly serious about starting a career in event planning this year? 

I know you are. Because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have continued to read this. 

I’m positive you’re someone who knows a good deal when you see one…and that’s why I don’t want price to stand in your way. 

This program isn’t watered down nor is it smoke and mirrors. It’s the REAL thing. 

If this all sounds too good to be true, call my bluff; I’m putting all the risk on my shoulders to prove it. 

Go through it all. Then, you let me know within 60 days if the information isn’t going to help you. 

That’s right, I’m letting you try the ENTIRE Event Toolkit system for 60 days
No questions asked.

Remember: These are digital materials so you will get IMMEDIATE access to the products. 

Just think…you could be implementing these tools today, which will put you on the path to success as an event planner.  
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